How to use: mobile display.

The Pop-up LEDbox could be used as a mobile display. This display has the advantage that it can be illuminated. Making a message even more striking. The mobile display is easy to use and can be endlessly be provided with different textile prints. Place this illuminated display at the office to convey a message even better to your customers.

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Modular lightbox.

The Pop-up LED box is a modular pop-up frame with LED lighting. The Pop-up LED box is designed to be transported quickly and can be assembled in just 5 steps, with no tools needed. This lightbox is available in 3 different colours: white, silver and black and therefore fits in every interior. Build the system in 7 minutes and let your message stand out even more.

Modular construction.
Compact to transport.
Available in 3 colors.
The lightbox that moves you.
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